Cylindrical HYBRID 01 Liters with screw cap

Cylindrical container, made of highly resistant plastic material with a metal ring, this time together with the screw cap system: a high quality item. To be able to use the container again and again, always accessible and without splashing:

– The flexibility and lightness of plastic polypropylene.
– The tightness and resistance of our safety screw cap.
– Anti splash.

A versatile container to store a multitude of water or food products.


Packaging details:

  • Material: Body – Polypropylene.
  • Cover Material – High density polyethylene.
  • Material Arillo – Tinplate.
  • Capacity: 01 HYBRID – 1,280 liters – 1,225


Container equipped with a metal ring and a tight-fitting screw cap. Easy to stack or unstack and suitable for automatic lines. The special format of the lid facilitates the centering of the upper container in said stack.

Perfect container to contain water-based products and for their palletization in Euro pallets (800 x 1200 mm).



* IML label. It can be white or transparent base.

* Option of white, color pigmented or transparent polypropylene.

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