04 to 0.125 liters Pressurised Lid Cylinders

Cylindrical containers with pressurised lid. Endless combinations in order to hold a multitude of products, from water-based paints and varnishes to solvents and abrasive products.


Aimed primarily at domestic use. The cylindrical containers are designed for almost all kinds of products and are easy to handle.


MAIN CHARACTERISTICS – Common to all formats:

  • The containers can be supplied externally lithographed.
  • Approved for the transportation of dangerous goods in accordance with UN regulations.
  • Highly resistent and watertight pressurised lid.
  • The containers can also be internally varnished for water-based products.
  • Possibility of incorporating plastic cap into the lid; can be extendible or screw cap (57, 42 or 24 mm diameter), child safety cap or brush-cap.

CATEGORY: Metal Containers

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