Cylindrical container manufactured in highly resistent plastic material, with metal ring and lid, which adds to the virtues of our two families of containers:

-The flexibility and lightness of plastic polypropylene.

-The watertightness and resistance of our metal lid.

A versatile container for storing a multitude of water-based or food products.


Container details:

  • Material: Body – Polypropylene.
  • Material: Handle and ring – Tin.
  • Capacity: 04 HYBRID – 4.600 liters.


Container supplied with a highly watertight metal ring. Easily stacked or unstacked and suitable for automatic lines. The lid’s special format facilitates stacking on top.

Container ideal for holding water-based products and for europalet (800 x 1200 mm) palletising.



*IML label. Can be white or transparent base.

*Option of white, colour pigmented or transparent polypropylene.

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